Spring Break

This year for Spring Break, the Webb Clan decided that we were plum ti-yuuurrrd.  We didn’t want to go anywhere.  All of us had been sick the previous 2-3 weeks, so we thought it would be wise to have a “stay-vacation” as my 10 year old put it.  That all seemed like a great idea.  We rented movies and games, and we went out to eat a few times.  Spring Break was going great! 

Now if you think a house of boys is relaxing and calm, you need to understand that boys, especially my boys, are in a constant state of motion.

This is my oldest punk.  He is out in the backyard shooting his bow and arrow.

This is my youngest punk, with the bat.  He is out front playing baseball with the neighborhood gang.

Now at what age these boys stop the constant motion and do this…. I just don’t know. 

There seems to be a great need to hold the couch down.  Gravity may let go on this planet earth, and ol’ blue eyes will be there to hold the couch down for the family.  Really, he’s only thinking of us.

So both boys come in from doing their stuff, and this is what breaks out in my sons bedroom.

That’s right, a full blown wrestling match.  Frequently, they clear off the bed, remove items from the walls, and totally go at it in full testosterone fits.

Now keep in mind that my oldest punk is over a foot taller than my youngest, so he quickly gets the upper hand and uses his strength to “smoosh” the youngest into the mattress until he can no longer breathe.

But what he so quickly forgets is that his little brother may be smaller, but he’s quick and wiggly and he knows that if he can get big brother to laugh, then he has a chance at winning.

So what does he do, he gets his brother into a giggling fit….and here he goes…off the bed.  Little brother used his wits and small quick moves to defeat his big, strong brother.

And the victory goes to….  the younger brother.  And do you want to know where their father was in the midst of all of this noise and nonsense????

That’s right… he’s still holdin the couch down.   Isn’t this so thoughtful of him?  He’s only thinking of us.

I love ol’ blue eyes and my punks.


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