The Best Help Ever

It was about 2 months ago now that Ol’ Blue Eyes bought a 66′ Mustang.  It has been his desire, his dream, his purpose in life to acquire a 65 or 66 Mustang.  For the past 17 years of our wedded bliss, he has taken me, dragging my feet, to see Mustangs that don’t run, that are in old warehouses, that have no engine, that have trees growing through the middle of them sitting in a field.  I hope you are getting the very, very dismal picture here because truly, that has been his search, his pilgrimage to acquire his Mustang. 

He has looked at them so much that my punks have developed a knack of  spotting them when we are driving down the road and can tell you  in a moment what year they are by the headlights, and other very important markings that I have stayed oblivious to.  In fact, my youngest punk is the one who spotted this Mustang. 

The very next day, Ol’ Blue Eyes loaded up our punks and took them the the dealership to  “test drive” the Mustang while I was getting my hair done.  With foil sticking every which way out of my head, he shows up at the salon and persuades me to accompany him outside to see this beauty, this magnificent, once in a lifetime find.  Then he gives me the look.  You know the one, eyebrows raised, head tilted as if he’s waiting for the answer to an unasked question.  Honestly, it really was a good deal, and the fact that it was driveable and didn’t have a tree growing through it made it a promising find.

Now, he’s got his new baby and what does he do?   Ol’ Blue Eyes  and our punks ripped the entire innerds out of the Mustang.  Seats pulled out, carpet ripped out, wires hanging and no dash.  I’m a bit concerned.

But then for the past several weeks, we continually have packages showing up on our front porch.  This and that, and that and this, and Ol’ Blue Eyes has slowly bee putting Humpty back together again.  I’m proud to say that Humpty has new carpet, and new dash, and his seats are back in.  Gadgets and wiring are all coming back together and it’s looking so nice.  Now sometimes, they hit a bump in the road, and have to refer to online help.  That’s when I walk out into the garage and see this.  My youngest punk, sitting in the front seat with a laptop in his lap, helping his Daddio.

And it is then I realize that this Mustang was alot more of a find, a prize and an  investment than I had ever imagined.


4 thoughts on “The Best Help Ever

  1. I’ve gotta say that I am the luckiest man ever! Not only am I married to the woman of my dreams, but I have her support with whatever I choose to do in this life. She’s pretty good with a camera too! I love you babe!!!

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