Stormy Weather

A few days ago, we had a big storm blow through the high plains, so Ol’ Blue Eyes and I did what every person does.

We rounded up the punks and jumped in his truck and headed to the outskirts of town to get a better view.

And while I was thinking, it may not be pleasant to be in the storm, there was still beauty to found in it.

I thought about myself and how I have a hard time finding the beauty when I’m in the middle of a storm in my life.

How I need to look up and not focus on the negative, but the positive things all around me.  It was all a very deep moment for me until I was interrupted by this.

“Mooooooo!”  More like, “Moooooooooove your truck on down the road and scram!  You’re botherin me and my grazin!”  I completely understood as I have felt the same way at times.  So Ol’ Blue Eyes and I promptly did as we were told and once we were home, I saw this.

It all came flooding back to me again.  Storms come and they go.  They are always moving in and out.  They don’t last forever.  Sometimes they water and bring refreshment to the dry and worn out.  Sometimes they make us duck our heads and run, but next time I’m going to try to look around and see what beauty I can find.


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