It’s snowing Air Soft BB’s

Ol’ Blue Eyes tells a story of when he and his older brother were young and they had gotten their first bb gun.  His older brother handed him a piece of styrofoam, told him to hold it in front of his face and  stand about 2o paces away.  Ol’ Blue Eyes ended up getting shot in the forehead, and the two brothers got scrappy with each other.  My punks love to hear him tell that story and they laugh every time he tells it.

This is my youngest punk.  He is armed and ready.  Air Soft wars are abounding in my yard and neighborhood.  While you may think that he looks a bit scary, have no fear.

Underneath, it’s just a “Life is Good” shirt of his wrapped around his head.  He’s been busy making himself some armor out of cardboard boxes.  He even spray painted it “Camo”.

Where did we get those boxes from you ask?  Remember all the Mustang parts that have been arriving at my house?  Ahhhhhh, now it’s all coming together.  Big boys get toys delivered in boxes.  Little boys play and make stuff out of the boxes.  It’s just the order of life.  You work your way up, you see.

Now seeing my youngest punk make his armor prompted my oldest punk to make a shield to protect himself as well.

Out of my trash can lid….

The mess doesn’t stop there.  Take a look at my sidewalk.

How about my flowerbed and yard… (ignoring my weeds that need pulled)

I am quietly going crazy here.  Yes, quietly because although the mess is driving me nuts, I love their creativity.  I love that they run all over the place and strategize and play war.  I love it because deep down I know that boys were designed to conquer.  It’s in born.  I didn’t teach them these things.  Since the beginning, men have conquered to gain land, to gain animals, to gain money, to gain the girl… and as much as all of this mess and destruction sometimes drive me insane, I remind myself that they are just doing what they were born to do.  Battle and Conquer!  It’s role playing now, but what will it be later in their lives?

So you moms with sweet little girls who have their dollies, or play school and entertain themselves quietly for hours in their room, or who come home from school and obediently do their homework… just know that I’m over here in the trenches where it’s snowing air soft bb’s (more like whizzing past my head) trying to make a worthy knight for your daughter one day, and I know there’s lots of other mom’s of boys who are doing the same as me.


3 thoughts on “It’s snowing Air Soft BB’s

  1. As the father of one of those girls “…who come home from school and obediently do their homework…”, I have two words for you. THANK YOU.

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