Cell Phone Blues

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  There are more than a thousand words that I would like to say.  There are words I will say, won’t say, shouldn’t say, should say.

This is my oldest punks phone.  Actually, it was Ol’ Blue Eyes phone, but he upgraded, so he passed along his old phone to our oldest punk.  My oldest punk doesn’t have the best of luck with his cell phones.  I don’t know why… I can’t explain it, but they just don’t mix well (like oil and water)… as you can clearly see.

So to entertain me (and try to make me feel better) I thought we’d have a “Name That Photo” contest in my comments section.  C’mon and take a gander, don’t be shy.  Just leave a comment and humor me (because I really need it).  I’m not making any promises, (hint, hint) but I may (ok, I’m going to) randomly choose a winner and you’ll get a $20 gift card to somewhere (it’s a surprise).  Now, be a friend and leave a comment to help me find my smile again.


4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Blues

  1. Honey this is just typical don’t be upset & loose your religion it will get worse before it get’s better!!! Love Ya! Aunt Linda

  2. Uhm,… hey mom,… uhm… how much trouble would I be in if I destroyed, I mean, messed up, my iPhone? Oh,… Nevermind then.

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