It’s snowing Air Soft BB’s Part 2

“We’re movin on up!”  Yep, it’s just like the Jefferson’s over here.  My punks “finally gotta a piece of the pie!”  On the same day that I posted  It’s snowing Air Soft BB’s, we headed out in search of some more Air Soft gear.  (Call me crazy.)  They have been doing chores around the house to earn extra money so they could buy some new stuff for the neighborhood battles.    I’ve been hounded asked to look at more air soft equipment online than I care to tell you about, so to quiet the begging noise around here, I took them shopping for some new gear.
We looked at new guns, vests, holsters, goggles, etc., etc.  The energy on the air soft aisle was bubbling and oozing down both sides of the aisle.  My youngest was jumping up and down at one point.
They ended up with a new gun system that comes with lasers.  You should’ve heard the oooing and awwwwing on my front porch when the neighborhood punks got over here to see the new goods.I am the Terminator.  Fear me.
So it’s Friday night and it’s getting dark.  We just completed our first week of school, and everyone is excited to stay out late… especially because we now have lasers.  Kids are screaming, running, strategizing, reloading, calling time out, sweating, hiding, turning sideways behind trees, and having some good old fashioned fun.   Even the one and only neighborhood little girl has swimming goggles on with a little pistol and is running in circles pretending she’s a part of the fun.   Girls just wanna have fun too, right?

These Men in Black are contagious, I tell ya!  Oh, I’m sorry… they are Modern Day Knights… with Tactical Vests… hmmmm.


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