Time to get my horns filed

With my punks returning to school, it’s time for me to begin my Tuesday morning bible study routine.  For years and years, I’ve been a part of a bible study because (to be quite honest) I’m very lazy about being in the Word unless I’m a part of a bible study.  It’s not that I don’t want to read the bible, it’s just that I need the accountability that is involved in being a part of a study, and I like someone to hold my hand along the way… like Beth Moore.  The study that I am going to do is one of her newer ones called “Here and Now…There and Then.” This will be my 90th Beth Moore bible study.  Seriously, I’ve done all but 1 or 2 of them.  I am on a first name basis with Beth.  Maybe not she with me, but I will casually tell people, “yes, I am doing one of Beth’s studies.”

I’m excited and can’t wait.  This one is a study about the book of Revelation, and I know God’s got some good stuff in store for me.

There looks to be minimal homework with the study, so if you are short on time, this looks to be a good, deep, study that may fit your needs.

So if you are anything like me, and you need a little filing on your horns, or you don’t have horns, but you’d like some structure to be in the Word, come along with me.  Tuesday mornings starting Sept. 14th at Amarillo South Church ( I’m not a member at this church, but I love how they do the Beth Moore studies, so I always go there… and they are some really nice people).  The Bible Study is $10 for your book.  (They don’t come spiraled like the one shown above, I go to Kinko’s to have that done.)  Holler at me in the comments section if you’ve done this study.  I’d love to know your thoughts.  Also holler if you’d like to go with me.  I’ll save you a seat at my table.  I’m nice like that.


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