Weeds Very High

Forecast for Monday September 06, 2010
Trees – No Activity
Grasses – No Activity
Weeds – Very High
High: 95°F
Low: 59°F
Chance of Precipitation 0%
Wind SW 19 mph

Weeds Very High. The bane of my existence.
Three very agonizing words for me. They rate right up next to “Your Water Broke” and “Dental Appointment”.
They are the very reason I am still in my PJ’s with eyes that are red and watering, and why I will not take a step outside, even if my house catches fire, and why I took Zyrtec before bed last night and Ol’ Blue Eyes claims I snored (I have no recollection of that, but I did sleep well), and why I will be mis-er-able until we get a freeze or two, or three, or ten. So, do not speak of how wonderful Indian Summers are. Do not tell me you hate to see summer’s end. I am ready for a hard freeze and lots of snow. Amen.
Thanks for listening. Over and out. (A-choo!)


One thought on “Weeds Very High

  1. You silly girl! Then winter comes and it is the fronts the kick us in the patootie time and again. Don’t you see, sweet girl, there is something horrible and something beautiful about every season…every month…every day…every hour…?

    That being said, I must ad…I love Indian summer’s! Live for them! I will take my watery itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and itchy skin if it means a few days of in-between-summer-and-fall! I guess, because I am always on the cusp in my life…I enjoy those in between days the most…

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