I recently joined a Facebook Photography group where we submit a photo with a particular theme each week.  A friend of mine started the group, and I get a certain joy when I fire up my computer and head out to the group to see what others have submitted.  Last weeks theme was “Road.”  Um, seemed kind of boring, but then I remembered this shot I took just a few weeks ago when Ol’ Blue Eyes and I rounded up our punks and headed to Red River, NM for our final summer “Horrah!” before school started.  I took this through the dash of his pick up, and when I viewed it on my screen, I thought I had captured something pretty cool.  As I have looked through others submissions from the group, I’ve seen their artistic perspectives, and they are absolutely beautiful shots.  “Road” ended up being a pretty cool photography assignment.  So what is it about a road shot that now has me in awe?  Well, to me, a road represents a journey.  For example, my friend who started the group battles Ulcerative Colitis.  She’s a wife, mother, friend, photographer, etc. What a journey she has been on and will continue on battling her illness.  Then I thought about D and how he’s paying it forward and headed to the Marines and what a journey that will be… for him and his family (especially his mama).  I finally thought about my journey.  I’m a wife, mother, friend, cook extraordinaire, quilter, occasional scrapbooker, IT Administrator, burgeoning photographer and now a daily blogger.  All these things have shaped me into who I am today.  So where are you?  Where is your journey taking you?  What road are you on? Are you stuck in traffic?  Is it time to exit?  Is it time to re-route?  Is it time for new scenery?  Are you headed in the right direction?  Have you lost your sense of direction?  Are you lost?  Did you or someone you love get sick?  No matter where any of us are, the important thing is that we all keep moving forward.  That we don’t lose heart, and that we encourage others along the way.  Life happens and we’re all on a journey…no better or worse than others.  What others are confronted with now, I may be confronted with later… either that exact thing, or some form of it so that I can relate and have compassion, not judgement.  Compassion and not judgement… What would the world be like if we all had alot more compassion and alot less judgement?  Hmmmm….


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