Antiquing again

While Ol’ Blue Eyes and my punks went hunting the other day, I went antiquing again  (it’s becoming a problem, but don’t tell anyone) and I have a few more finds to share.
I went with my friend and we took our time.  No one rushed us and we combed each booth several times.  It was so relaxing and enjoyable… I am ready to go again.
I picked up these salt and pepper shakers and thought they would be cute when I blog about cooking.  I love how colorful the roosters are.
I have always loved aprons, and started finding cute old aprons, so I picked up a few of those too.   I can neither confirm of deny what Ol’ Blue Eyes had to say about the aprons.  I will say that I believe they will promote marital bliss.

To top off my fun day of finds, my friend and I went for some yummo Mexican food and we talked and talked some more about life and stuff.
Then we called it a night and I eagerly waited for my crew to return home to me.
But when they returned they were all smelly, so I sent them straight to the showers, and off to bed.
All was right with the world again.  My chickens were all accounted for and my nest was back together again.
I slept well and felt contented and thankful for my punks, Ol’ Blue Eyes and faithful friends.
Now I’m wondering when they are going hunting again… as I will go hunting too… just not for birds, but for bargains.


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