I have always liked to create things.  I have always had an artistic side to me that I never really knew what to do with or do about it.  I love music and to sing.  I love to decorate my home, put cute outfits together, fix my hair different ways, and try new makeup tricks.  I love creating wonderful things in my kitchen for my family, and capturing life in photos.  I love to create.  So to feed this part of myself and hopefully give it a bit of direction, I am taking an online art class.  My first assignment was to come up with my own definition of creativity and then put it into three different art forms that are different sizes and place those around my house while taking the course.  My first attempt is above.  Here is number 2.
Is it obvious that I’m really not comfortable using paint?  Not my thing, but I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone here.  My third attempt is with markers, and markers make me happy.
Seeing me pull out what elementary art supplies I have inspired my punks.  They were ready to get creative with me.  I was so engrossed in what I was doing with my lessons, I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were doing, but when I woke up this morning a few things were left on my desk from the night before by my oldest punk.
This random doodle that he started but didn’t finish.
And this….  Arent’ they beautiful!!!  Both of my punks love to draw.  After buying both of them just about every supply there is, (ok, not really but you get the point) pencil and  paper is all that they desire to create with.  I don’t think my oldest was done with this either as he usually does alot of shading, but I was inspired that I inspired him.
So, what do you love to create?  Is it food, decorating, drawing, acting, singing, photography, working on cars?   Creativity is endless!  There is genius in all of us, we just have to tap into it.  Today, I encourage you to tap into your inner genius and create.  Give what you have to offer.  You’re unique and if you don’t offer it, then the world will be without, and that would be sad… tragic actually.  What’s holding you back?  Go for it!


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