I am bulletproof

Being creative is not always easy or accepted.  My next lesson was to figure out how to make myself bulletproof and to develop a bulletproof attitude.  How to let criticism repel off of me.  What is my self talk?  Am I going to believe what others say about the things I create?  How do I not let negativity bother me?  Here’s what I came up with.  This is what I’ll refer back to when I’m (feeling low, devoid of purpose and) wondering why did I try this (whatever “this” is) in the first place! These are my positive affirmations and notes to myself.  Honestly, there’s something akin to ownership when you see phrases in your own handwriting.

So, how do you keep the criticism at bay?  What keeps you motivated?  What keeps the magic flowing through you?  How do you keep a bulletproof attitude?  Me?  I decided I’m only going to try to please myself with my creativity and I’m just going to show up.  Show up with my camera.  Show up on my blog.  Show up in my kitchen.  I’m going to show up, and that way if the creative genius (aka “a-ha” moments) decides to come upon me, I’ll be ready and prepared.  So, what are you waiting for?  What voices are you listening to?  It’s time for you to show up too!


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