A new set of braces

This picture just makes me laugh. 

My youngest punk got braces recently.  They glow in the dark.  

 He is giving me a sampling of new smiles for his new set of braces.  He is also trying to entertain himself while we are on a ski lift. 

Everytime the ski lift stops, he fReAkS out, grabs hold of me for dear life, snuggles into me and sits as still as I think I’ve ever seen him sit.  I am actually loving every minute of this.  All the while he’s hoping the ski lift won’t stop again… and all the while I’m hoping it will.  The cuddles are slipping through my fingers and I can’t stop it (darn it). 

I’ve got to figure out how to get him on a ski lift with me more often… and then possibly pay the chair lift mechanic to stop the lift about 20 times.  Maybe he won’t catch on (for a few more years, anyways).


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