1st Football Injury


It’s official.  What I feared would happen has happened.  My punk got hurt playing football.  Grrrr!  He woke up this morning with one regular foot and one foot that looked as if he had elephantiasis (which I thought was spelled elephantitis, but Wiki corrected me).  One particular toe was blue and he was limping/hurting…  So, mama called the doctor and the doctor said (after taking this x-ray), “I don’t think it’s broke.”  The doctor also said, ” You need to stay off your foot for the weekend and call me if it gets worse.”  My punk thinks he said, “Have your mother wait on you hand and foot (ha ha) and feed you everything your heart desires.”  I believe his ears may have gotten injured as well as he is not hearing things clearly. (I’m just sayin…)  We may have to call the doctor to clarify.  Anyways, the moral of this story is that my punk survived, and it’s really not that bad.  OK fine, the moral of the story is that I survived my punk getting hurt, and it wasn’t that bad.  End of story… now goodbye forever.


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