Black and White Photos

This week’s photography assignment was black & white.  I remembered back to 2005 when I didn’t really know much about photography, but knew that I loved black and white photos and I took these with my Olympus digital camera.  We were at a family camp in Las Vegas, NM at El Porvenir Christian Camp.  I always love to kiss the back of my punk’s little necks (another thing that has slipped right through my fingers), so I always loved this picture.  Here’s a few more of my little punkin.

It really doesn’t seem that long ago, yet it was and he has changed so much (sniff, sniff).  Here’s a glimpse down memory lane to see what my oldest punk looked like.

(Sobbing… crying the ugly cry)  How did this happen?  I just blinked and poof!  They are growing up too fast!  Here’s a look at my other punk.  

A youthful teenager then, a young man now.

So I told you we were at family camp, here’s a few close-ups of my sweet friend, Jennifer’s punks who were at camp with us.  First, here’s her oldest punk. (I can hear her sniffling from here.)

Here’s her middle punk. (She’s getting louder now.)

And finally, her youngest punk. (Now, she and her hubby are crying. This little punk just does us all in.  He just has that effect on everyone.)

So, you put our youngest punks together, and you have a posse.  These boys are still a posse every time they get together.  

There’s nothing like having a friend from before you could remember.  I hope these punks stay lifelong friends.  I know I plan to with their mama.


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