Self Portraits

You’ve got to be kidding me.  Self portraits?  Gah!  Have you ever tried to draw a nose?  Well, here I go.

25 second sketches with my left hand and then with my right hand.

So I’m not the best sketch artist.  Who cares!  Atleast I tried, right?  I sort of like the ones I drew with my left hand.  Hmmmm…  interesting.  I like my first one with my right hand, and then I seem to have gone down hill (no coments from the peanut gallery please).

Now for one big serious self portrait.

LOL! It’s serious alright!  Check out those lips!  No, I am not related to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, why do you ask? 
I give up on the nose! (giggle, giggle) Uncle!  Uncle!


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