Continuing my art assignments, I was to draw this picture, but turn it upside down.  This is a common art exercise to get you to draw what you see, and not what you know.  If I see a tree, then I draw a trunk, then branches, etc.  You get the point, only I’m not drawing what I see.  I’m drawing what I know.  They are two very different things.

So here is the photo that I am to draw upside down.  My goal is to draw the lines, not draw a head, legs, hands, etc.

Picasso portrait of Igor turnedPicasso portrait of Igor

Here is my attempt (notice I wrote attempt) at this particular drawing.


Is it just me, or did he turn out looking like the shrunken head dude from Bettlejuice?  Here’s a comparison for you.


Yep, the resemblance is remarkable.

Now my oldest punk, decided to give this a try, and here is how his drawing turned out.


His doesn’t look like Shrunken Head Dude at all!  His looks like Sebulba from Star Wars.  What?  You don’t know who Sebulba is?  Well, here ya go…


Oh my goodness, we are having some fun with this art class!  Making your brain think another way is not that easy… as evidenced and supported by the above photos.

What does it all mean that I’m seeing movie characters in all our drawings?

If you’re weird (like me) and you want to do some things that’ll make your brain do some push-ups, try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand, or drive home a different way from work.  Get dressed in a different order than you normally do, or try to close your eyes while dressing.    It’s really not as easy as it sounds, but your brain will be better off by it.


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