Favorite things

The coolness in the air has me thinking about our last camping trip to Red River, NM. 


It also has me thinking about a few of my favorite things in the mountains.  


Campfire. (You gotta know what comes next…)


Smores made with a Reese’s cup.  No, I’m not weird.  You should try it!


Hummingbirds coming to my feeder.


I love the whistling noise they make as they whiz back and forth through the trees, then back to the feeder.


My oldest punk playing in the river (he’s hoping to find some gold).


My youngest punk (looking like Opie) hoping to catch his dinner.


Ski lift rides.


When Ol’ Blue Eyes does this. I love you too!


Mountain views.


Hiking in the woods.


Pictures of my punks (like this one) with a great mountain view in the background. 

Ok, so there’s a lot I like about the mountains.   This may be due to the fact (well, it is) that I spent my childhood in Pennsylvania until I was 12.  We had snowmobiles (that my brother and I wrecked), 3 wheelers (that my brother and I wrecked), mini bikes (that my brother and I wrecked), BB guns, and acres of woods to roam around in (my poor mom).   It was a blast and I miss it oh so very much.  I loved all the snow (that could be because I wasn’t plowing it).  I long for snow.  I wish we had more snow.  I wish it would snow… right now.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking? No, I did not hit my head, why do you ask? I’m thinking I need to plan a trip to the mountains very, very soon!


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