There are a few sights that I have truly come to love living in Texas.  A windmill with a backdrop of wide open space is one of them.


One thought on “Windmill

  1. Miss Kelly. What do you have here? This is such a cute thing you have going on. I mean really. Just your insight on everyday things are so interesting to read. I almost feel like I got up and read some interesting articles from a Redbook magazine, whle having my cup of coffee. These are things that make me reflect. May I say, “Yes, it is time to put those lights up. Who do you think comes at the end of the Thanksgiving parade? Santa. So when you are done eating that turkey, you want to sit back with your full bellies, and let Christmas begin. Lets be thankful (Thanksgiving) that there is a day set aside for our Saviors birth, called Christmas.” I think they go hand and hand. So I say, “I am thankful for what God has done for me now and for the future. Now, tell that to your blue eyed hubby. He can’t argue with that. hahaha So get them lights up. Great page Kelly!!!

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