We have not outgrown Superman


I was asked to make this purchase today…

And when I asked my punk “Aren’t you too old for that?”  He said, “Superman is awesome, and no one is too old for Superman.  He is for everyone.”  (Heaven help me.)

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking…  “This looks like a (parenting) job for… Superman.”  (Ha Ha!)

And then the clerk said “You wouldn’t believe all the adults that come in and buy these lunch boxes.”  (Say what?)  They had a variety to pick from, such as Smurfette, Batman, Dr. Pepper, and Sugar Daddy Candy (can you imagine the office comments?). 

And so, I caved to the peer pressure of my punk and the clerk and I bought it for him (call me crazy).

So here he is in all his new lunch box splendor.  It pretty well goes without saying (yet here I am saying it), he would love to fly as well.  “Up, Up and Away!”



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