Some Days

Some days are just like this.


Lately, I have felt like this.  I’ve had a terrible cough and cold and have felt blah.  Ugg.

However, today seems to be a turning point for me and I’m feeling alittle better.  I now upgrade my status to this.


That’s about as good as it’s gonna get today.  Just keepin it real over here.

In other news…

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning.


My porch seems to  constantly be littered with these items.


And I cannot figure out where the time has gone.

matthew first halloween crop

My oldest punks first Halloween in 1997.  We went as the Wizard of Oz that year… yes, all of us.


My youngest punks first Halloween 1999.  Shown with his Papa (my dad).  He was Baby Addams.  We went as the Addams Family that year… yes, all of us.

Goodness.  My heart is full now (overflowing, really) and I’m feeling even better.

I love my family.


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