A Sign


Do you see this?  My Fiestaware is trying to tell me something….


I told Ol’ Blue Eyes this morning that he should get the Christmas lights up on the house today while the weather is still cooperating… and I showed him my “sign.” 

He chuckled.

You heard me.

He chuckled.

(Insert snerky comment about Ol’ Blue Eyes thinking I’m crazy and for chuckling.)

Me?  It’s different every year.  I can’t make up my mind on when to put the tree up.  Before Thanksgiving, the day of Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving. 

I. Just. Don’t. Know.

So how about you?  How early do you start all the decorating, shopping, and festivities?  Do you think I’m crazy to start before Thanksgiving?

I need feedback people!

I’m sorry, that was alittle strong. 

What do you think.  I’d love to hear your opinions.


3 thoughts on “A Sign

  1. Honey, I have my Christmas done&wrapped never to early. The Christmas Tree goes up the week before Thanksgiving but not sure this year might have to decorate the top&middle so Missy doesn’t get thing’s off the tree. Now that’s just me!!! Love ya’s, Aunt Linda

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