Today is my oldest punks birthday.

He turns fourteen.

I don’t know who he thinks he is turning fourteen!



Has time gone by THAT fast?  Ugh!  I can’t hardly believe it!

We celebrated early with a cake yesterday, with grandparents.

We will celebrate again today, just us.

We like to celebrate for days around here.  My youngest punk decided we should celebrate his birthday this summer for a week.  Everything he wanted to do, he would tell me, “but mom, it’s my birthday week.”  Then he’d give me that sweet angelic look, and I saw those curls… and he slayed me right there.  Do you see what I mean?


It’s not my fault he’s such a sweet little punk(in).  Hee hee.

Anyways, my oldest punk got some money for his birthday.  He was very, very happy.


At this age (and when you’ve grown like an ogre), it’s all about clothes.  So I took him shopping for some things from us.  Hollister, Buckle, Aeropostale and American Eagle are the stores he likes to shop at.  He got some cologne, shirts and sweats.  Then we went by the Western Store.  He’s been wanting some new boots.  You won’t believe them when you see them.  Are you ready?


Yes, those are hot pink boots.

Yes, they are men’s boots.

Yes, they do sell a lot of them… to men. (I asked.)

Ol’ Blue Eyes tried them on (because both ogres wear the same size now) and loved them.

Let’s just say that there are some things that I do not understand.


I now add pink boots to that list.

So tonight, we will celebrate for dinner the birthday of one of the neatest punks I know.  I’m so glad and so blessed to be his mom. He was a smiling baby, always happy, and he’s still the same today.


I love you Matthew!  I love watching you grow into a fine young man.  Keep your faith.  Focus on the Lord and He will keep your paths straight.  I’m praying God’s blessings for your life.  All you need is Him who was, and is, and is to come.  Remember, God is for you, and we are too!  You mean the world to us and we know great and mighty things are coming your way.  Do your part so that you can be ready for all the great things God has for you.  You are a light and you bring so much joy to us and others around you.

All My Love and More,


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