Whimsical Slippers


In the midst of whipping up a few side dishes for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I made these slippers today.  My creative juices were flowing after all that cooking, so I decided it was time to make these.  I had seen the idea on Alisa Burke’s blog.  You can find her post here.  She makes the slippers from scratch, but I wanted slippers that had more support for your foot, so I bought a new pair of black slippers from the Dollar General store for $6.  I will be posting a tutorial to make these slippers in a few days (after we awake from having lots of turkey).  I thought this would make a nice, one of a kind homemade gift for someone forChristmas.

I am planning on sending these slippers to an Etsy shop that will help build water wells in Africa calledWater4Christmas.  The Etsy Shop isn’t loaded yet, but you will be able to find that shop by clicking here.  I will keep you updated once the shop is loaded.  Then, who knows what cute items you can find out there that may fit into your holiday shopping AND help those in need!

Stay tuned!


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