I 9 is a miss

You heard me right, I 9 is a miss. 

But as far as forcing my children to play Battleship (games the old fashioned way, which of course is the better way), I’ve made a hit.  Whoo hoo!

Let me explain…

I couldn’t take the noise level in the house anymore.  It’s only day 3 of Christmas break, and my oldest punk finds great delight in continually teasing my youngest punk.  My youngest punk can be quite vocal and can’t ignore anything.  (I don’t know where he gets that from.) 

I am trying to work from home.  The double dose of testosterone vs. my single dose of estrogen wasn’t working for me, so here they are.


Like any other Mama who is trying to not loose her mind maintain control, I gave them 10 seconds to find a board game and sit at the table.  While they are sinking each other’s battleships, I have found a small moment of calm.  Just a small moment, but at least it’s a moment.  I’ll take it…. with a cookie and a cup of hot chocolate of course!


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