P52–Newness {01.01.11}

IMG_1095_edited-1 copy

To begin the New Year, I’m beginning a photography project that suits my fancy. 

Lots of people challenge themselves to take a photo a day.  While I take many photos, I don’t want to force myself to take a picture of my kitchen sink at night just because I’m supposed to take a photo a day.  This is something that would happen to me.  I’m just sayin.  I would forget, and then you would see me taking a photo of the kitchen sink.  Yes, I would stoop that low.


I decided that a photo a week was most definitely do-able for me and my schedule.  I’m calling this project P52.  That stands for Photo 52 or Project 52.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.  I’m indecisive like that.  Darn it.

So, here is my first photo. 

The theme is newness.

A brand new journal for me to begin the New Year of 2011.

I’m excited.

I’m ready.

Are you?

Bring it!


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