P52 Cold {1.3.11}


The heater wasn’t working.  The night it went out, it got down to 18 degrees… and no heat.

While this isn’t technically the best picture, it does capture the moment of Ol’ Blue Eyes waking up in the morning, trying a few other tricks and smoke and mirror moves .  Then all of the sudden, TA DA!!!!  It fires up and wonderful heat begins to defrost our home once again.

All I can say is:

#1  Heat is a wonderful thing I took for granted until I had to live like a pioneer woman and stoke a fire all night (ok fine, Ol’ Blue Eyes did that).

#2  That was the pits.

#3  Ol’ Blue Eyes is so smart.  I love that he’s handy and can fix things on his own (after he calls my dad for tips).

#4  I never want another night like that again.



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