A few travel tips


Let’s start at the very beginning…. it’s a very good place to start (I love the Sound of Music).

To gear up and get ready for this trip, we needed lots of advice.  So, we headed to the travel section at our local Barnes and Noble and these books are what we came away with.  If you are planning a trip, and want a great resource filled with everything from A-Z, then I highly recommend any travel book by Rick Steves.

If you are traveling overseas and are going to be on a plane for a very long time, I recommend a travel pillow…


and noise cancelling headphones.


Ol’ Blue Eyes and I have the noise canceling headphones by Bose.  They are heaven and well worth their price tag, especially if you travel a lot.

Our plane was very comfortable and had a touch screen full of movies and shows for us to watch.  It made our long flight very comfortable and the time passed well.  Both punks stayed very entertained and occupied, and that makes for happy parents of punks.

One of the first things we did was go see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.


For being the “low season” for tourists, there will still a lot of people there.  But that didn’t stop us from all the sightseeing.

Coming up tomorrow….  more pictures from the Buckingham Palace!


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