The flu, bronchitis, more flu, oh my!


All of this sits upon my counter right now.  We have been hit, I mean blasted with flu.  I want to blog about something else, but all that comes out when I sit down is flu, flu, more flu.  Then my mind starts in…

Have they had their antibiotic?

Is it time for a breathing treatment?

When is his next dose of Tamiflu?

When is my next dose of Advil? I’m so achy.

Ugh, that cough sounds like it hurts.

I hope this medicine kicks in soon.

We are in the land of zombies right now.  My oldest punk has gone into bronchitis.  My youngest is burning up with fever.  I am somewhere in between the two of them and Ol’ Blue Eyes is holding onto his health… for now (DA DA DUMMMMMM).  Really though, I hope he comes through unscathed. This his been intense.

In the midst of it all, I’m thankful.

Thankful for our doctor.  He’s conservative, but then aggressive when he needs to be.  I appreciate that so much.  He’s a man of God, and (best of all) he gets my quirky sense of humor.  It’s all around a good fit.

Thankful for the advances of medicine and that we have access to it and money to pay for it.

Thankful for neighbors offering to help, run to the store for us and bringing us more groceries when we need them.

Friends and relatives who are saying prayers for us.  We feel them, THANK YOU.

Teachers that care about my punks and are working with us.

And Ol’ Blue Eyes who is holding his own and not getting sick.

Through it all I’m so thankful and grateful.  There is always someone with something worse out there, and I am glad this is all that is on our plate right now.

Hopefully next week I can share more about our trip, but for now we are resting and drinking lots of Gatorade and having movie marathons around here.

Stay tuned, and if you pray, please add us to your prayer list.

With a  grateful heart,

My Punks Mom


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