I’m glad it’s Monday because

1.  Yesterday was a bad day in my beloved town.  Wild fires… everywhere.  Loss and devastation abound.  68-70 mph wind.  Ugh.

2.  My house is quiet and I’ve caught up (finally) on a bunch of work, email, etc., etc.

3.  I got to talk to my brother this morning.  Love him… miss him.

4.  I got to talk to my sister-in-love this morning.  Love her… miss her… and their two little punks.  Miss.  Them.  Bad.

5.  I got to talk to my mom this morning… and by the way… she pointed me to this recipe that she said was wonderful comfort food ( http://www.rachelrayshow.com/food/recipes/slow-cooker-meal-chicken-and-biscuits/ ) … but she didn’t tell me today… she told me the other day… and I’m telling you… today.  Do ya follow me?  Oh, and I love her too.

6.  On Saturday I discovered that World Market carries two items I have come to love… ever since my recent “across the pond” trip.


After my punks devoured 2 packets of chocolate and 1 entire package of cookies… in 10 seconds… I decided to do what any good parent would do.  I sent them to their rooms and hid the other package of cookies and the rest of the chocolate… and now I’m enjoying them in solitude.

7.  My laundry got caught up yesterday.

8.  There’s no wind today.

9.  My dad’s birthday is this week… and we get to celebrate.  Love him.

10.   I don’t have a #10, but I’m sure I’ll think of something later.


Crazy-chocolate-consuming- mom-of-punks


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