Hoarders has affected me


I don’t know how to describe it.  I was innocently clicking through the channels and there it was.


I saw a house with a bunch of junk.  I clicked along to see what else was on.


So I clicked back to Hoarders.

And I watched.

My stomach turned.  It was uncomfortable.

Yet I kept watching.

What is wrong with me?

Ever since, I’ve been compelled to clean out… hence these stacks of books on my kitchen table.

I’m taking them to be resold.

We also cleaned out our unused video games.

I’m taking those to be resold today too.

My punks have asked me to please quit watching it because everyday I keep saying, “CLEAN OUT YOUR ROOM!  GET RID OF YOUR JUNK!  YOU’RE A HOARDER!  YOU NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION RIGHT AWAY!”

They feel I’m overreacting. (?)

I keep getting online to see when Hoarders is coming on again.  I admit, it’s a sick relationship, but it keeps motivating me to clean out… and cleaning out feels really good.  I feel lighter.

Anyone else?  Is it just me?


Mom of Punks who is in a weird relationship with a TV show (Send.  Help.  Now.)


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