You amaze me with how smart you are.  You’re always wanting to learn more and more things.  Your desire is unquenchable and I love that about you.  Your intensity is like none I’ve ever seen.  You embrace dedication and compassion and you have since forever and I think that’s an absolutely amazing thing about you.

I love that you have my curls and my hair, yet you’ve got the round eyes of your dad.  I love that you’re efficient at everything you do.  You never procrastinate.  You look things in the eye and deal right there right then.  You are fearless at most anything.


I love how you pick things up so quickly.  You are a natural at most everything you attempt.  You become a master at whatever you apply yourself to.  If you can do better, you DO better.  You are always wanting to improve all the time.  You’re always learning and that makes you so teachable.  There are many great qualities to have, but remaining teachable is a great, great quality to have.


You have an amazing internal moral compass of right and wrong.  You work through so much in your head and you think deeply about things.  You deeply desire to do the right thing, and make good choices.  You are compassionate to your family and to others and I love that about you.  You have a great mind, and a great heart, and an able body.  With those things, you can and will do AMAZING things.


And daily, you amaze your dad and I.  You can do anything. We believe you can do anything. You fill my heart with  so much joy.  I always want you to know that.  You are more than I could ever ask for.  I am so glad you are my son.   As a parent, we think we have so much to teach our children, but you… you’ve taught me so much.  By your actions of just being you, YOU inspire me to be better, think wiser, and try harder.

I love you,


Black and White Wednesday


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