i’m back… i think.

so i’ve been a bit out of touch here lately….

i can explain that, but then i can’t. 

you see, i lost a bit of mojo i had going there.  why?


but now i’m back… atleast i think  i’m back, and for some reason, i no longer like to capitolize my letters.  hmmmm…

so for now, i’ll start with yesterday because yesterday was a great day.

ol’ blue eyes and i celebrated 18 years of marriage. 


here we are, young and in love… haven’t changed a bit…  hee hee

ol’ blue eyes bought us a cake and surprised me… which was really sweet… (but i think he really just wanted some cake.)


we had lunch and we had dinner together and we exchanged some really sweet cards…

and i love him so much and the life we have together.  all the ups and downs, i don’t want to do with anyone else.

i love you ol’ blue eyes!  i love our life, the good and the bad.  i love these punks we’ve made and our blended family we’ve created, loved and nurtured.  but always and forever, i love you… and as cheesy as this sounds, i want to grow old with you and no one else.  happy anniversary my love.  you are a good man and i love that all these boys have you to look up to.  i may have been young (only 20), but i knew you had those character qualities that would last a marriage a lifetime… and i was right.  you’re the best husband i know, and you’re all mine!


2 thoughts on “i’m back… i think.

  1. Happy Anniversary James and Kelly! I wish you many many happy more years filled with love and laughter and blessed moments.

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