Let go and let God


From  The Artist’s Way Everyday by Julia Cameron

“When we have an obsessive fear, we hold on to it like a dog with a bone.  We cling to the thought with a die-hard intensity, nothing can pry us loose.  It is a mantra we repeat to ourselves, “I am afraid that X is going to happen.”  Afraid of X, we fail to notice Y.  We are fixated and, in our fixation, we feel trapped.  We are never trapped.  There are always choices.  We do have freedom of will and movement and we can exercise them.  We can find a small way to movc forward and pry open the jaws of our trap.  It is a question of being open-minded, but when our mind is trained on the bone, nothing can help us.  This is when we must learn to let go and let God.”

Time to retrain myself (yet again) and learn to let go and let God.


One thought on “Let go and let God

  1. Kelly, So simple and yet so complex, to release! Thanks for the perfect thought for my day! Beautiful photo as well!

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