I know this may surprise you but

I am an introvert.

Yes, I know I pour my life out here on a blog… and I connect and have many cyber friends who I’ve only met on my computer through Twitter, Instagram, other blogs, and online art and photography classes I’ve taken. But it’s true…

I am an introvert in many, many ways.

I’m also realizing something else…

Ol’ Blue Eyes and my punks are too. Everyday we are all consumed in our own thoughts… we retreat to all sides of the house and create by writing, drawing, painting, taking pictures, inventing paper guns, swords and shields, reconfiguring networks and so on… and then we come back together again as a family. We all seem to need our alone space… time to process what’s in our heads. Also fitting are the sports they like… trapshooting, golf and tennis. All are games that consist of doing them same thing over and over again while requiring a still but strong mental game.

Last night while driving home, there was a long, skinny piece of metal in the road and while the normal person would think trash in the road…

my punks (within 5 seconds) went back and forth with each other about what things they could invent with that metal and they wanted us to somehow get that metal. It was a project, an invention just waiting to happen.  To most… trash in the road.  To my punks… endless possibilities.

If you’re an introvert, or you think you’re and introvert, you may like this article. In fact, you need to read this article.


Mom of punks who mostly prefers texting over telephone conversations

P.S. Since it is against my blogging religion to post without a pic, here’s a little fun from an online Calligraphy class I’ve been taking.


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