Ten on Tuesday

We got back from our wonderful vacation with my brother, my sweet SIL and their rowdy punk and punkette.  I’ve been dying to go through my pictures to share here, but I’ve been sent warp speed into reality.  Laundry, school registration, cleaning out, the wonders of selling items on Craigslist, painting my studio, school shopping, endless groceries, heading to the vet.  This list goes on and on and I still don’t have all my ducks in a row, but here are ten things (thoughts, stuff, inspirations, etc.) on Tuesday that I thought were worth sharing with you.  Enjoy!

1.  Since visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, my kids are set to make this… today.  (We are headed out now to buy the ingredients.)

2. I recently downloaded this app and I’m in love.

3. I will be making myself some of these because I’ve been put on Sbux budget restrictions.

4. I dislike, with great intensity, my Sbux restrictions because I usually indulge in one of these as well.

5. I bought a canvas and I’m about to paint something similar to this.

6.   I couldn’t be more in agreement with this article.

7.  If you haven’t peeked at this site, then you should, and you should follow me!

8.  I just finished reading this book and highly recommend it.

9.  My love for this app continues to grow daily, and I love seeing how others view the world.

10.  I just bought this book, and in my own life… I’ve found the title to be so true.  I guess that why I continue to pursue it.


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Love this post Kelly! I also love the new look of your Blog. So fresh:)
    The water color your going to get working on is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it finished! Almost thinking of giving it a try on a small canvas myself. I’ve become very much into crafting(or at least trying), just about anything! Been doing lots of sewing!! Slow down and enjoy what’s left of the summer! Ree’s ice-coffee is awesome!!!

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