Choosing Eucaristeo

We recently turned our study into my studio. Since that day, I’ve had a worker bee sitting across from me daily sharing paintbrushes and watercolors.

He has produced works of art like this

and like this

and this (which was a subliminal message to tell me he wanted a cakepop from Starbucks).

This morning, Ol’ Blue Eyes has made his way in here and left his mark. Can you tell what item(s) do not belong?

I spy this

and this.

Ah, let me count the reams of paper and rolls of tape we have gone through this summer making paper guns!

Really, it’s cheap and it’s creative, so I don’t mind, in fact I encourage this sort of thing around here. See? This is on my kitchen chalkboard now.

This reminds me once again that it’s all Eucaristeo.
Computerworld magazine on my desk?
Thankful that I have Ol’ Blue Eyes in my life and that he leaves tell tale signs of himself in my space.

Some are widows. Some are single moms. Some have been abandoned.

I am blessed.

Paper guns on my desk?

Thankful I have a child that is able.

Some have sick children. Some have lost their children. Some could never conceive. I am blessed.

I guess my point here is that I could be frustrated that everyone is invading my space… or I could look at this with thanks. I choose (keyword=choose) to give thanks.

I believe that God gives all of us abundance daily. Are you catching it or missing it? Admittedly, I’ve missed so much in a colossal way, but today, I choose.

Will you choose Eucaristeo with me?


One thought on “Choosing Eucaristeo

  1. Love reading your posts and love the joy you are “choosing” 😉 as you celebrate each special moment! I started reading the book you suggested. Love it!

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