Five things

IMG_9380 We’ve been running around getting ready for school to start.  Eye glasses are ordered, school supplies are bought and new airsoft guns have been purchased.  Yes, you heard me right.  My punks saved their money and both got new airsoft guns.  My youngest is up bright and early this morning and ready for combat.  His brother is still sleeping… and I’m requiring a bit more sit and stare time with coffee.  This is his “hero” shot from this morning.  We take airsoft very seriously in this house (in case you were still wondering).

And with that, I leave you with five thoughts/things for your Wednesday.

1.  My friend needs your prayers, good thoughts and positive energy.  You can read about her struggle and journey here.

2.  If you’re having a bad day, here’s alittle encouragement.

3. This song makes me really happy and I may even dance around my living room when I hear it (don’t peek in my windows).

4. I’d like to start doing this, but it looks like a lot of work.  Can’t decide if it’s really worth it.  Any thoughts?

5. THIS IS THE COOLEST VIDEO and I’m amazed by these people.  Yes, that’s really her.  Such talent!

Have a Happy Hump Day!


One thought on “Five things

  1. We are huge fans of Michael Franti ( & Adele). The canning isn’t too much work if you organize yourself & make big batches (if you’re going to get out all the stuff might as well make lots; I guess that’s the whole point). Downside: your family may never want to eat store bought salsa or jam again so be prepared for that.!

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