Annual Antiquing Adventure

Every year we take a break from the stress of all the back to school nonsense and head out for what I  like to call our “Annual Antiquing Adventure.”  Others may call this our “Day of Dorkiness” but I will have to debate that another day.

We found alittle bit of this…

and a little bit of that…

and alittle bit of … “say what?”

And from time to time we got a bit worn out (nothing a coke and candy bar can’t fix).

We measured our strengths…

and found our weakness. (It is our collective belief that all clowns are of the devil.)

But after scouring and digging…

We found a few things like :  metal chickens… (Read this story with an empty bladder.)

some old signs…

 and a jackpot of old cameras for my collection…

lovely, old printing letters…

and a couple of other treasures that needed a good home.

Of course we left some treasures behind, but our adventure was fun, carefree and we had a great time. What traditions have you started with your kids?  Whatever they are, here’s hoping you find a few treasures of your own along the way!


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