The Fountain of Youth


I haven’t blogged about our summer vacation yet, but I thought I’d start with our visit to the Fountain of Youth.


Ol’ Blue Eyes wanted to make his pilgrimage here so that he could drink the magical elixir and live forever.


It was pretty neat to step back in time, but it wasn’t really what I had expected.  Here is the Fountain of Youth in all it’s glory and splendor.


Are you impressed?  I know, I was expecting it to happen just like on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but it wasn’t like that at all (insert disappointed face).

Here’s my punks about to drink from the fountain and live forever.


And now, Ol’ Blue Eyes turn.  The wait is over.  His quest is complete.  It is now time to drink the magical elixir and live forever.


I know, you can’t wait to drink from the fountain and live forever now too.

After we drank from the fountain, we explored the site to see where Mr. DeLeon came upon shore.


And we admired the monuments that were placed there in his honor.


Whose kids are these climbing all over the place?  Wait.  What?


On the premises, there is a little habitat for various birds…


Including peacocks…


that like to sit on cannons…


and another who fanned his feathers out…


for a little lady who didn’t really care to pay attention…


so with defeated and slouching shoulders, he wandered out into the parking lot to the concession stand where they fed him bread crumbs and a martini.


So if you’re ever in St. Augustine, FL, be sure to check out The Fountain of Youth.


I promise, you won’t regret it!


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