St. Augustine Lighthouse

While in St. Augustine, we went to see the lighthouse.  We were told the views were spectacular and that there’s been ghost hunters here who have documented “paranormal activity”.  It was decided… we must check this out. Walking back to the lighthouse,we came across this little lady who was hanging out.


Want to see alittle closer?


I know!  We freaked out and ran the other way.  Just kidding!  She was in a web above us, so we had to walk under her; however, she is the reason I don’t think I can ever live in Florida.

Moving on.  Here’s a little  history and information about the lighthouse.


Immediately upon entering the lighthouse, the stairs begin to your left.  I couldn’t pass up this shot looking up the middle through eight floors of two hundred and nineteen cast iron stairs.


The red top was marvelous too.


The views were spectacular just as everyone had told us and the constant breeze was a welcome relief after climbing all those stairs.





On our way back down, I snapped this picture looking out one of the windows.


Now for the bad news… we didn’t see any ghosts (darn it).


But I did get this… the best shot of the day…



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