The Rodeo


On Sunday, we went to the WRCA Rodeo.

On Sunday, we were late to the rodeo.

When we arrived to take our seats, there was a bit of confusion because an older couple was in our seats and I didn’t have the heart to ask them to move.  About that time a young boy wearing a cowboy hat pulled down so low I couldn’t hardly see his eyeballs asked if he could help us.  He then confirmed that in fact, that couple was in our seats and then informed Ol’ Blue Eyes that we could sit down to the left because “no one ever sits there.”  This helpful, take charge young man turned out to be Missy and Tim’s boy.


We settled into our seats and I got a text from Julie.  She sees me.  I’m looking all over tarnation trying to find her.


Despite having fed our children before we left the house, my punks were hungry as soon as we sat down, so Ol’ Blue Eyes took them to get something to eat while I sat taking some pictures of cowboys sorting cattle, roping steers, and pulling cow tails.  Some things, like pulling a cows tail, are just a mystery to me.


Here are five facts about my time at the rodeo.

1.  Cinnamon Sugar Pecans.  Have mercy.

2.  I brought home two extra bags of cinnamon pecans with the hopes of coming up with a grilled chicken salad with feta cheese sprinkled with the cinnamon sugar pecans.

3. The truth is that I consumed the pecans before that could ever happen.
3. a.  Dear Pioneer Woman, Could you please break the code that is cinnamon sugar pecans?
3. b.  Dear Pioneer Woman, I think I just broke the code… cinnamon, sugar and pecans.
3. c.  Dear Pioneer Woman, You can have all the cinnamon sugar almonds if I can have all the cinnamon sugar pecans.  Deal?

4. Bronc riders give me panic attacks, especially when they get close to the railing… which is especially close to the first row of spectators, which is especially where I would never sit.

5. I now want a border collie and a monkey. Further, this is what I will think of from now on when I hear the song “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”

After Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey herded the sheep, I headed over to visit with Julie  and eat her cotton candy.  There she introduced me to Missy, Tim, and Marlboro Man’s parents, and before I knew it, the rodeo was over.  I was sad I had to say goodbye.  But the good news is that Julie and McD come through Amarillo every now and then, so I know I’ll get to see her soon.  Yippee Ki Ay!  Now, go check out Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey.  You’ll be glad you did!  In the meantime, I’m going to go make some cinnamon sugar pecans.  Yeehaw!


2 thoughts on “The Rodeo

  1. Oh my heck! We laughed every single time we saw Whiplash! I have a story for ya, but will have to send it later.

    I can’t wait to show McD our photo! 🙂 He wondered what in the world I had him posing for, hee hee, but he did it!

    Glad to see you are blogging again! You are way ahead of me! 🙂

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