What NOT to text your wife when you’re out of town

Ol’ Blue Eyes was in Orlando last week. He texted me this picture along with a note that he had gotten a free upgrade on his rental.
Dear Husbands Across the World,

Here are a few things you should be careful about texting your wife who is home with the kids…

1. “Honey guess where I am!” followed by a picture of himself with Minnie Mouse. (I cannot find this picture, but trust me it exists.)
2. “We’ve been waiting in line for an hour.”

3. “The pizza in New York is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.”

4. “I just spent the last 30 minutes talking to Herbie Hancock and it was so cool!” (No picture on this one.  He’s too shy to ask.)

5. “The train from Sweden to Oslo was amazing and I took pictures for you!”


6. Queue Ball was right. The Strawberry Tart at Cafe Eccell in College Station is out of this world!

7. “My ride for the week.  I qualified for an upgrade.  It’s 85 and palm trees all around. “

And now I must end this blog post with only seven items (of course I have more) because Ol’ Blue Eyes foot just fell through the ceiling above my kitchen table.  Not kidding!

Happy Saturday everyone!


4 thoughts on “What NOT to text your wife when you’re out of town

  1. Love the pictures!!!! But what in the world was the cause of your blue eyed son going through your ceiling? hahaha My goodness. Well, at least he didn’t go all the way through. As long as all is well, its something to lautgh at. 🙂

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