What TO text your wife when you are out of town

Not wanting to leave men of the world hanging in the balance, I thought I would name a few things you SHOULD text your wife when you are out of town. To be fair, I ‘m only posting seven because I only got to list seven things you SHOULD NOT text your wife before I was unfairly cut off by a little event that happened at my house.

1. Occupy Philly is nasty. Port a potties everywhere and trash cans overflowing with who knows what. You need a tetanus shot just to walk through there.  Glad you’re safe at home.


2.   Good morning beautiful!  It’s a beautiful day!


3. This is my “not fair” face.  I’d rather be there!


4. An old man that looked like Santa Claus just tried to pick my pocket. I’m glad you and the boys are safe at home.


5. There’s nothing like being cold, having to pee, and having no Kronor.  Seriously?  I have to pay to use the toilet?


6. This is one of my family’s favorite rides at MGM Studios.  I miss y’all badly!


7. The woman who sat next to me (on the plane to London) had the worst body odor, and I had to sit next to her that entire LONG flight!  I almost puked!



Wife desiring to clear up any confusion


One thought on “What TO text your wife when you are out of town

  1. Ha ha ha! I have a traveling hubby as well and I love these type of texts. The body odor one cracks me up. I recently received a text like that. I’ll add though “she is taking off her pants”. Ha ha ha!!

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