What a life


Seriously, this is all he does.  Sleep and look cuddly.


And my punks can’t resist him looking so cuddly.


They apparently can’t resist wrestling with each other either.


And despite all their nonsense, he doesn’t ever budge.  He just lays there calm and watches them.


Without a care in the world. 


And only perks up to happily lick the remnants of tonights snack off my punks hand.


And with a deep sigh, he’s back to this.


What a life!  Who wouldn’t want this life?


3 thoughts on “What a life

  1. So cute!! My two need a bath so bad right now. I can’t let them in the bed and fortunately, the bed is too high for them to jump! They are going to the groomer before Christmas. Your photos are gonna make me make the appointment today…I love my golden cuddles!

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