Thanksgiving 2011-Day 2


Day two of our Thanksgiving get away, we headed out to see The Royal Gorge Bridge which is about an hour from Colorado Springs.

Mainstreet Grille.  Yum!!!

We stopped in a little sleepy town called Florence and had lunch at a place called the Mainstreet Grill.

Inside it looked like an old saloon.  They had the best food! My punks and I all got the French Dip Sandwich with Brie.


Ol’ Blue Eyes got Green Chili Slop. His open faced sandwich was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a very long time. It was a hamburger patty on texas toast with a green chili gravy topped with lettuce and tomato.  Is there anything that green chili’s are not good on?  Let me answer that… no.


After we ate, Ol’ Blue Eyes and my youngest punk talked about stocks. My punks love to talk about stocks and the stock market.

I find it a total buzz kill, so I left them and went next door to the antique shop to see if I could find a treasure and sure enough I did!


After my score on the granny square afghan, we headed to The Royal Gorge.

The first thing we did was take this steep incline railroad down to the bottom of the gorge. Looking down (holy moly!)…


looking up.

Next, there’s the Tram that goes from one side of the gorge to the other.

We did not go on the tram for the following reasons.

A. I didn’t want to.

B. Ol’ Blue Eyes didn’t want to.

C. Seeing our timidity, our punks didn’t want to.

D. I mean really, are you going to trust your life to a few cables and be smushed into a tram car with a million other people who probably smell funny? Not me, no thank you. This in turn leads me back to point A.

We took a few pictures and headed across the bridge, taking in the expansive view.  Then my punks decided they wanted a more thrilling experience.  They wanted to see straight down into the canyon, so they laid down on the bridge and peeked through the holes.  Never mind the occasional cars coming back and forth across the bridge.  That was part of the thrill I guess.

LOL!  He's looking through a hole n the wood to see the river far below.

All along the bridge are signs with the 50 states listed. We found Texas, so we had to stop and take a picture. We’re cheesy tourists like that.

Then we got bored and started taking shadow pictures. Can you tell what we’re spelling?

Can you tell what we're spelling?

My youngest punk found it hilarious to sit on his dad’s shadow head. It’s the simple things that entertain us. Either that or the altitude was getting to us.

All in all we had a great day and the views were spectacular! Come back tomorrow, because we head to Pikes Peak!


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