A great weekend retreat

Ol’ Blue Eyes had an IT test to take in Dallas Saturday morning, so we all packed up and left right after school on Friday. The sunset was beautiful.


Every town we went through had beautiful Christmas lights everywhere. The kids entertained themselves in the back with iPhones and laptops loaded down with movies… specifically Cowboys and Aliens (they loved it).


We stayed at The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, so while he was taking his 4 hour test, we could play at the indoor water park.


Upon check in, they gave everyone wrist bands that have our hotel key built into the band. That way my punks can get in and out of the hotel room when they forget something and I can stand by the elevator and wait for them. Not that this has ever happened before or anything.


Also, we loaded their wristbands with the ability to charge up to twenty dollars so they could play in the arcade and go get themselves snacks when they got hungry. That way I can stay in my chair reading my book, or finish the funnel cake my punk so thoughtlessly left behind.


It is a blessing having them get older and more independent. I feel they are very safe here in this hotel. They have security all around and only hotel guests can enjoy the water park.


Plus, everything was decorated for Christmas. This gingerbread house was in the dining area, and it even snowed every so often in the main lobby of the Lodge.


After a full day of playing, sliding and swimming my punks were tired, but I think Ol’ Blue Eyes was even more exhausted from taking a very long and grueling test. We decided to have dinner at one of our favorite places.

20111213-112108.jpgAfter a wonderful meal, we rolled ourselves out to the car and straight back to our hotel for bed.  I could hear my punks laughing quietly in their bed and opened my eyes to find them doing hand shadows on the ceiling.


This is one of the many reasons I love to travel with my punks. The bonding that happens will last them for the rest of their lives, and me…

20111213-224942.jpgI watch… and drink in the memories in the making… and love every minute of it.


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