5 Things

Making all the details of Christmas come together takes the help of magical fairies. Since I could not find magical fairies, here’s a realistic view into our Christmas so far.

1. We had an Epic Fail with our gingerbread house this year.


2. The reason I MAY be behind in getting Christmas ready is because I’ve been playing around in my sketchbook and have been inspired by Elvie Studio


3. We took our punks to see The Nutcracker. They really could not come to grips with men in tights, or having to wear itchy clothes, but snacks at intermission were a hit!


4. I’m alittle upset with the weathermen who predicted a blizzard and 16 inches of snow for us, but this is all we got. Seriously!? This is a sissy snow.


5. I have not wrapped one present yet. My wrapping station is ready to go. I really need to get busy!


Women of the world, you should feel a little better now. We don’t have to have it all perfect! So take the pressure off, sit back and watch wonderful memories unfold around you. It’s a magical season, with or without the fairies.


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