Wacky Webb Wednesday and The Lollipop Guild

Guess where we are???

I must ask… after the 60 mph winds we had in our little town the other day PLUS living near many feed yards *gag*, who can stay healthy? We are at the doctor today, and I now feel a compulsion to share a few things.
A. My youngest punk has hit a growth spurt and now dangles off the table when he lays down.

B. Our family doctor has the most awesome sense of humor and hangs things like this


and this

in his office…

C.  It makes all the difference when you love your doctor. Amen.

D. Do you think he’s trying to get a message across to me?

E. I’m off to whip up some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup because the stuff from a can just doesn’t cut it for our tastebuds.

F. While I’m flitting about the kitchen my punk will be doing this.


And I must say that I quite enjoy his accompaniment to my daily tasks around this house today.

G. In the meantime, my older punk is at school looking like this (far left) today.


It looks as though they found the Wizard. That’s always a good thing. I will be at the Lollipop Guild if you need me.


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