Original title, I know. I’m original like that, you know?

Just a few thoughts of gratitude from yesterday.


No matter how busy I am, when my punks are sick, they ALWAYS have the comfort of Cisco.


I haven’t been able to do anything else to this painting. I’m liking the simplicity of it for now. Maybe that means that flying isn’t so complicated…

Living in the light

While I was painting in my studio yesterday, I caught my shadow on the wall. I decided it was a literal reminder to live in the light. So when you see your shadow, just remember, “I live in the light.” (I know, I’m weird… and original.)

Happy Mail

To top off my gratitude list, I got happy mail yesterday. What makes me happy about this is not so much the flash itself, but my online photography friends who will be doing the flash class with me. I love these girls so much. Truly love them. They rock! I just wish we all lived closer, or that we all had unlimited funds to get together for some photography trips… like once a month or something. (Sigh) A girl can always dream!

Grateful Mom and Grateful Photog friend to the most awesome SOAGL gals


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